SEdetailW.R. Schroeder Interiors now offers a concierge service specializing in selecting perfect gifts for the home! When was the last time you were invited somewhere, only to realize at the last minute that you need to bring something for the host? Most people faced with that situation only end up picking up the perfunctory bottle of champagne. Now, working with your budget and a brief background of the host and event, Schroeder will source the perfect gift, presented beautifully-wrapped in signature packaging.  

Everyone craves a beautifully-decorated home but often feels they cannot afford it or simply don’t have the ambition or experience necessary.  With Schroeder’s new concierge gift service, clients can acquire tastefully selected objects for their friends and themselves at a variety of comfortable price points. We are breaking down the barrier of engaging a full-scale design project by providing this budget-conscious, bespoke accessory and décor service. 

A master at “tablescapes,” Schroeder turns his design eye to scaled projects that transform a drab corner and create beautiful vignettes using a curated collection of objects and accessories.

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